Living in Scotland

Scotland is famous for its incredible history, its vibrant culture, its sprawling green spaces and scenic mountainous countryside. Scotland has kept its proud heritage, but we are at the forefront of innovation. It is a country that leads the development in green energy, engineering, medical research and technological advancements. Our country is one of world-class cities surrounded by awe inspiring nature.

For centuries, people from all over the world have been choosing to live in Scotland. As well as our unique landscape and excellent study and work opportunities, you will find friendly and welcoming people and a great quality of life.

You can help make that move go as smoothly as possible by taking the time to research beforehand what matters to you most.

Here is some key information on aspects of life in Scotland:


Many people have been drawn to Scotland by the career opportunities but also by the appeal of enhancing their quality of life. The average working week in Scotland is 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. This leaves plenty of time for socialising whether you prefer to go out for dinner, drinks and a movie in one of the urban city centres or if you are more inclined to go for a hike, cycle or even ski. The great outdoors is never more than a short commute away from being in the heart of a city.

All the major Scottish cities have great public transport links, such as train lines and bus routes, reducing your need to use a car and making commuting easy.

If you like to live in the countryside, there are many towns and villages that are within an hour’s commute of many of Scotland's business centres.

Another great thing about Scotland is the extra daylight in summer. It can remain quite light up to 11 pm – leaving plenty of time to get out and about. You could be walking in the hills or take a stroll on one of Scotland's many beaches - some of which are within 40 minutes of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and some of which are right on your doorstep.

The cost of living in Scotland is generally less expensive than other places in the UK and the further away you live from the city centre, the cheaper it gets. As for day-to-day living, Scotland has great schools, a good healthcare system and excellent transport links.

Scottish Weather

Scotland has a temperate climate, which means there are no real extremes. There can be a lot of rain throughout the year but it is rarely very hot or cold. There is often some snowfall during the winter months, particularly over the Highlands. 

In terms of average temperature, January and February are generally the coldest months in Scotland, with the daytime maximum temperature that ranges on an average of around 5° to 7°C. July and August are normally the warmest months in Scotland, with temperatures of an average 19° to 20°C.

Communications in Scotland

Most parts of Scotland have access to high speed internet and there is signal coverage for mobile phones that reaches more than 90% of Scottish homes and businesses. The Scottish Government is dedicated to improving access to the internet across Scotland.

Starting your life somewhere new can be pretty daunting but it’s also very exciting. Visit the Live & Work in Scotland section to find out more.