Transport & Getting Around

To ensure everyone can enjoy the riches Scotland has to offer, we’ve built a superb transport infrastructure that links the whole country.

Trains & Intercity Rail

Our modern railway system allows speedy, regular travel between Scottish cities and also on to England and London. Train journeys between the major cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh can take less than an hour and there are a range of passes and tickets to suit your needs.


Britain is famous for its car making and racing heritage and as a nation of car lovers we have a strong network of roads and motorways. Whether you’re travelling to major cities or through rural towns and villages on a road-trip through Scotland’s breathtaking scenery – everywhere is accessible.

Air Travel

Scotland also has a host of international airports throughout its regions including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. From here you can access many European destinations (Germany and France can be less than two hours away).


With a vast array of spectacular islands in the north of Scotland, there are a string of ferries running regularly to take you there and back. So, if you plan a quick getaway to enjoy some picturesque scenery, a short boat ride across the water is all it takes.

Check out Caledonian MacBrayne website for a list of routes and more information.

Getting Around Within Cities

Within our cities themselves getting about is also very easy. Scotland has a number of bus operators who run very regular timetables. And as well as about town, many bus routes also go to the rural villages so you can relax and enjoy a day out. Beyond buses, Glasgow also has a reliable underground tube service, while Edinburgh has also recently completed a brand new tram system.

Scotland is constantly innovating and electronic transport tickets, mobile phone apps and smartcards are available for many of our cities transport systems.

Miles of dedicated cycle paths throughout Scotland and its cities make cycling a popular way to get around.