Value of food and drink exports to China worth £85 million

The latest Scottish figures show that the value has increased by 12% in a year, and has soared 83% since 2007.

Fish and seafood makes up the bulk of exports with £43 million worth of Scottish products being exported to China last year. Whisky, meat and cereals were the next best performing areas.

Fish and seafood has also experienced the biggest rise in exports since 2007 – up a phenomenal 953%.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Scotland serves up first class food and drink to countries across the world, with global exports worth a staggering £5.1 billion in 2014.

“Emerging markets like China are actively looking at Scottish produce and these figures show a clear recognition that our produce is highly regarded and sought after.

“It’s easy to understand why exports of fish and seafood have soared since 2007 – the quality and taste of our premium produce is unrivalled. And the same goes for many of our products such as whisky. The guaranteed excellence and provenance of our food and drink is a magnificent selling point and one we are actively looking to build on.

“We have recruited an in-market food specialist to work with Scottish Development International to promote Scotland’s Food and Drink in China, and have a team of fellow specialists doing the same thing across the world.

“We know there’s a massive global appetite for our iconic products and we want to make the most of that and capitalise on the many opportunities open to our food and drink businesses.”