Key Projects

As part of the engagement between Scotland and China, a number of key projects have been introduced to strengthen links between the countries.

These projects have been developed in three sectors: education, culture, and business. From academic exchanges to new trade links, both Scotland and China can benefit from a partnership which fosters the exchange of knowledge and resources. 


Scotland is attracting investments form companies all over the world, including many in China. By investing in Scotland, Chinese companies can open up new trade opportunities with one of the most dynamic and resourceful countries in the world. 

The partnership between Scotland and China has already led to an increase in exports of Scottish food and drink to China. Scotland also exports luxury textiles and fashions, renewable energies equipment and technologies, and oil and gas based equipment. The two countries regularly collaborate on projects in science and technology. 

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A number of education projects, which will foster academic exchange between Scotland and China, are already underway. 
The number of opportunities for students in both countries is rising, as universities in Scotland offer faculty and student exchanges and the possibility of shared, collaborative research. Universities are also beginning to offer courses delivered jointly between the two countries. 

The partnership has already led to an increase in the number of Chinese students coming to study in Scotland, with over 8,500 students in 2013/14 – a 57% increase since 2006/7. 

18 Higher Education Institutions in Scotland now have academic and research links with Chinese institutions, offering mutually beneficial research arrangements and study opportunities for students from both Scotland and China. 12 of Scotland’s Universities now have a presence in China, and in 2014 there were approximately 150 ongoing and new Sino-Scottish research collaborations in China. 


Cultural exchange between Scotland and China has already had a great impact on tourism and business in both countries. 

One of the most famous examples of cultural exchange between the two countries is the transfer of two giant pandas to Edinburgh Zoo. The pandas have been lent to the zoo as part of China’s breeding programme and have already gained popularity with animal lovers in Scotland, as well as raising awareness of the plight of pandas in China. 

Scotland’s festivals, and especially the Edinburgh International Festival, offers a perfect opportunity for Chinese companies and performers to showcase the range of talents that China has to offer. Also, a number of internationally-renowned performance companies including Scottish Opera, the Scottish Ensemble and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra have conducted tours throughout China.