Scotland & China in Business

Scotland has been trading with China since the 18th century. Today, strong commercial links between Scotland and China have cemented new trade opportunities for both countries.

Exports from Scotland to China totaled almost £580million in 2013 and continue to grow. 

An increase in exports of food and drink has led to China offering Scotch Whisky  legal protection with Geographical Indication of Origin status, protecting it against counterfit products in China. In 2011, Scotland secured an export health certificate, meaning that Scottish Salmon can be exported directly to China. Last year, there were £64 million worth of exports of fresh Scottish salmon from the UK to China.

Chinese businesses have also benefitted from trade links with Scotland. A huge number of Scottish companies currently trade with China, and commercial collaborations between the two countries are growing in frequency.

At present, there are twelve Chinese investors in Scotland, through a mix of direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, R和D partnering and joint venture business models. These include Lenovo, Cochran Ltd, Bank of China, Hutchison Whampoa and Xinhua News Agency. 

Our two countries have also been collaborating on research into fields such as renewable energy and science, improving the commercial and business opportunities in both Scotland and China’s technology sectors. 

In January 2011, Scotland and China sealed a major green energy deal worth $10 million, which will see technology that has been developed in Scotland used by an energy conservation plant in China.

New innovations in business and commerce are taking place in Scotland and China every day, and as partners and friends, our two countries stand to gain more than ever before.

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