Student Life – What to expect

With over 48,000 international students studying in Scotland, it’s clear why many choose Scotland as the best place to further their education.

We’ve highlighted some useful information you should consider when choosing to study in Scotland.

Student Accommodation

There is a range of accommodation options if you choose to study in Scotland. Nearly all Scottish universities offer student accommodation to international students, providing a great way to meet new people, gain independence and make lifelong friends.

Halls of residence, or student halls, are a popular choice with students because it can make living independently that little bit easier – catering and cleaning services are often provided. Also, the number of students staying in halls means making friends is easy.

Student housing is another option, in which students can rent a room in a flat or a house, sharing with other students. These are smaller than halls and many students find houses to be quieter and more private.

You can also choose to buy a property whilst you stay in Scotland. There is a huge range of housing options from newly-built city flats or old Victorian homes. In recent times house prices have dropped in Scotland, making it a buyers market. While most properties are sold through estate agents or solicitors (lawyers), you can also buy privately from the owner – though you will still need a solicitor to do the legal work. 

Scottish Hospitality

If you choose to study abroad, it can be a daunting prospect. The people of Scotland, however, will make you feel more than welcome. Scotland has a diverse, multi-cultural society, with dozens of different cultures living in harmony. Tolerance, equality of opportunity and social justice are important principles of Scottish people and communities.

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Food & Drink

Thanks to the vibrant Scottish culture, you’ll find a wide variety of cuisine on offer. There are numerous top quality restaurants in the main cities, including Chinese restaurants. There is plenty of traditional Scottish food on offer featuring fresh seafood, world-class beef and of course – the infamous haggis.

There are many bars, pubs and cafes if you feel like heading out for a drink or a quick bite to eat. However, there are also Chinese supermarkets in Scotland’s major cities if you feel more comfortable cooking at home.

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Social Life

There are plenty of opportunities to socialize when studying in Scotland. The major cities have a wide variety of shopping and entertainment and with a superb transport system you won’t have any problems getting around.

Scottish universities have lots of societies and clubs, so you’ll easily find like-minded people to share your interest with. Scotland is also known for having some of the best student nightlife, so you can expect a lot of fun and opportunities to meet people.

Getting Around

Scotland has a comprehensive transport infrastructure, with a wide range of methods to get around. Within our cities themselves getting about is very easy. Scotland has a number of bus operators who run very regular timetables. As well as about town, many bus routes also go to rural areas so you can relax and enjoy a day out. Beyond buses, Glasgow also has a reliable underground tube service while Edinburgh recently completed a brand new tram system.

Scotland is ideally located in relation to some of the other major European cities. Excellent train routes and a number of airports make getting to London and Europe a breeze. Our international airports include Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. From here you can access many European destinations (Germany and France can be less than two hours away) or enjoy direct flights on long international routes.